Региональная общественная организация в составе РОО "Единая независимая ассоциация педагогов"


Приглашение на вебинары.

Dear Colleagues,


we are glad to announce a series of 3 free webinars that have been prepared specially for Russian teachers of English by Andrew Walkley and Hugh Dellar:


  5th May, 2016   18:30 MSK           Better vocabulary and grammar outcomes

12th May, 2016   18:30 MSK          Better reading and listening outcomes

19th May, 2016   18:30 MSK          Better speaking and writing outcomes


In order to find out more and pre-register, please, go to, scroll down to the very bottom of the page, click on Part 11, Part 12, and/or Part 13, and then on a “Register Today” button. All the participants will receive an attendance certificate from NGL and ONARA for each webinar attended. Those who take part in all three webinars and attend no less than 80% of the webinar time will be able to collect their free-sample copies of Outcomes 2E (SB only) in Moscow (no post) within a month of June 2016.


С уважением,

Потапчук В.С.


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